Tara Tainton starring in video ‘Teasing and Humiliating in Keeping My Cuckold’





Original text description: Look at all the shopping I did while I was out, darling! Oh, don’t look at me that way. You know I don’t like your sorry little pouting, pitiful face. You better cheer up or I won’t show you everything I just spent all of your money on… or the special gift I brought home just for you to show I was thinking about you (while fucking another man). You see all these sexy new purchases? And this fantastic new fur coat? I put them all on your credit cards… and look at all this lingerie I bought. You know you’ll never get to see it on me. It’s for my lovers. In fact, I met the acquaintance of a NEW one today! Would you like me to tell you the story? No use getting aroused; I have you securely pent up and the key was with me the entire time.

Uploader description: The video starts with Tara returning home from a shopping trip. You are her cuck hubby who is already locked in chastity. She puts down her bags of new clothes and shows off her new fur coat that you paid for. She teases you about never getting to see most of her purchases. They are for other guys. For you she just brings the condom that some guy she met used when he fucked her. She goes on to tell you about her sexual encounter while shopping. She isn’t wearing anything under the fur coat and eventually she teases you with her naked body. She lets you know that she is too tired to even watch you jerk off so you just have to stay in chastity.

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Runtime: 00:08:59
Video Size: 113 MB
Resolution: 720×480




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