Play Obey – Limit Hit [Ass Smothering]

Play Obey – Limit Hit [Ass Smothering]




OMG is so right! Lana Luxor gives her face seat a powerfully potent series of Hard Reverse Riding that’s a nonstop lesson in constant Face Grinding, Thrusting, and Pumping Punishment!

Lana forces her throne’s face deep into her Smothering Ass at every possible chance, letting loose her frustrations with punishing dark necessities – including of course that her face stays PUT withinside her perfectly shaped, well oiled, shiny, all consuming ebony glutes! Grabbing his hair, Lana shoves his face back in where it belongs, especially if he distracts her from the videogame session, exclaiming: “GET BACK IN THERE!!! I’m Going To Sit On YOUR Face!!! LOL!!!”

Laughing at his smothered, fateful demise, Lana is HOT balancing verbal domination with playful giggles as she relentlessly tests his limits! “Let’s Test His Limits, Shall We?!” Lana exclaims right before she unleases an ever-present set of constant Face Grinding – all the while her Smothered Seat gasps, pleads, and pathetically begs for a moment’s respite from underneath her OMG Thong!

Lana refuses to grant her throne a single thing, let alone any escape, for she is the one in charge all throughout this Facesitting Torment! It’s just how we like it! in another brilliant display from the Epic Lana Luxor plus PlayObey combo!

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