Mistress Ezada Sinn – Slave abuse in the bathroom

My travel is so fortunate, to accompany Me in My vacations and city breaks! But if he ever thought this means he will be enjoying visiting new places and sharing a hotel room with Me – he must have been very disappointed. Because while I walk around cities, visiting landmark and museums or shopping with his credit card, he stays in the hotel, restricted to the bathroom. Sometimes – like today – tied up in the bathroom, naked on the cold floor in an uncomfortable position. Because that is his place, he doesn’t deserve more. he has to stay there, waiting patiently for Me to come back and hoping that I will maybe give him some attention, use him in some way for My pleasure. Even if it’s in a way that is painful and unpleasant for him, he is still glad to be used for My pleasure. Because that’s what he is here for, his only purpose: to serve Me and not expect any other pleasure than the one of knowing he pleases Me.



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File Name : Mistress Ezada Sinn – Slave abuse in the bathroom
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