[Femdom 2018] Club Stiletto FemDom – My Gift of Spit. Starring Lady Bellatrix [SPITTING]

[Femdom 2018] Club Stiletto FemDom – My Gift of Spit. Starring Lady Bellatrix [SPITTING]




Lady Bellatrix loves spitting on her slaves and feels it’s a sign of her generosity while insuring the slave also remembers his lowly status, nothing more than a spittoon really. She places a spreader in her slaves mouth to insure he can’t close it and then has him crawl down the stairs to lay his head below her so she can spit into it from high above. As she spits the slave knows he’s expected to catch each delicious gob and he frantically moves his head side to side to catch the gifts. Bellatrix scolds him for missing but also delights in seeing the spit land on various places on his face along with those he is able to swallow. Bellatrix horks to make sure many of the balls are nice and thick for the slave, almost like a meal.

She gives him credit for catching one of the balls in his mouth but reminds him that the spit is the reward and not to expect anything more than that. You get nice angles of the spit landing on the slaves face and body and dropping in his mouth and also great upward angles of the spit falling through the air as it leaves Bellatrix’s mouth. “Maybe if you’re lucky you’ll get a different type of liquid later as well” she tells him and then calls him a loser and says “Only a loser like you would lay there and let a hot lady like me spit on you.” Soon the slave is covered in spit and she comes down the step and uses her pantyhose to rub the spit on his face and then sticks her foot in his mouth but not before spitting on him some more. Finally she tells him to stay there and to wait until her friends arrives at which point he can holler for them to come in as she wants them all to see him laying there with his mouth clamped wide open. Who knows, they might want to turn it into a drinking game or something!

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