ClubDom – Beaten For Any Reason. Starring Lydia Supremacy

ClubDom – Beaten For Any Reason. Starring Lydia Supremacy




Mistress Lydia coldly tells her slave that she`ll beat him for any reason she wants, whether he has done anything to deserve it or not – because she can. She sticks a dragon’s tail whip into his mouth, ordering him not to drop it while being whipped, then uses her heavy braided flogger on his back and ass. Wanting to inflict more pain, she switches to the dragon’s tail whip n ordering the slave to hold the flogger in his mouth.

As Lydia is using the whip on the slave, he drops her flogger on the ground. Enraged at his failure to follow her orders, Lydia opens up on the slave, using her whip to slash into his back again n again. The slave screams and jumps from the pain, but Lydia is totally unmoved, hitting his back harder n harder with every strike from her whip. She wants to insure that this slave will never disobey her orders again.

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