Sexy Saffron – Saffron Plays Cock Hero. Starring Lady Saffron

Sexy Saffron – Saffron Plays Cock Hero. Starring Lady Saffron




A fan recently suggested we try out playing Cock Hero! I thought that was such an awesome idea that I just had to make it! I picked Cock Hero Boss Fight Edition and it was really hard! I loved the varying strokes between fast and slow, bringing Dennis close to the edge, then cooling off! Of course, I couldn’t keep my mouth off his cock entirely, so I played part of the round bobbing my head up and down his shaft, trying my best to keep in time with the beat! I admit to missing a few beats due to being so engrossed in sucking cock! This was a very fast paced episode of Cock Hero, so while Dennis put up a valiant effort to avoid cumming, eventually he couldn’t help but explode and shoot his huge thick creamy white load right into my mouth! I catch every drop and savour it in my mouth before swallowing it down! But that’s not enough! This is Cock Hero Boss Fight Edition after all! So I don’t stop stroking, licking and sucking Dennis’ cock, and following along to the beat I make Dennis cum in my mouth again!

This double cum sensual handjob and blowjob JOI games video is the first video in our new “Saffron Plays” series where I try out different games- sexual challenges, video games and more! If you have an idea for what I should play, let me know in the comments below or on Reddit or Twitter!

I posted this video for free on my website! If you still want to purchase this clip to support us continuing to make free videos, we greatly appreciate it! 🙂

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